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Complaints Policy

Complaints Procedure




The NHS “Practice Based” complaints procedure has been designed so thatcomplaints are dealt with faster and at Practice level where possible.The Practice complaints procedure has now been adapted to meet the requirements of the rules laid down following the Wilson Report which state;


a. A poster to be displayed giving the name(s) of the person(s) to send the complaint to.


b. Complaints are to be acknowledged within 5 days of receipt.


c. Any investigation should be complete within 10 working days, if not then thepatient must be informed of the delay and the reasons for it.


d. All complaints must be completed within 20 working days (one month). Application of the Freedom of Information Act also means that information on how to make complaints along with other specific information should also be available to patients in other mediums such as the Practice Leaflet and the Practice website.


Complaints Made in Writing


These should be passed to the Practice Manager/Assistant Practice Manager as soon as possible who will acknowledge it within five working days if there is to be further action / investigation on it.

Investigations should be complete within ten working days or the complainant informed of the reasons for the delay. All complaints must be dealt with completely within 20 working days.

All responses to complaints must be seen and approved by at least one of the Partners  before it is sent out.

All information on complaints is to be held centrally by Practice management as a return is to be made to the PCT/HA annually and the information retained for a period of five years.


Complaints Made in Person


All official complaints must be made in writing and addressed to the Practice Manager/ Assistant Practice Manager.

In the case of initial complaints, grievances or just points being made in person staff are advised to;


a. Listen attentively.


b. Remain calm and respond in a thoughtful and polite manner.


c. If more than just a “Grumble” then the complainant must be given the opportunity to speak to one of the “Named Persons”.


d. Ensure that the complainant is aware of PALS who can assist both them and the Practice.


e. Avoid confrontation/disruption in the surgery. Complaints should be dealt with away from the main area in a quiet location.


f. Deal constructively with the complaint. Explain clearly the standards that we try to achieve. In cases of obvious minor error, apologise for it.


g. If the complainant remains dissatisfied, they should be advised that it is necessary for them to put their complaint in writing and send it to the Named Person/Practice Manager.


h. Details of all conversations must be held on written record and held in the complaints file.


i. Dissatisfaction, mistakes and complaints should be discussed at regular staff/Practice meetings in order that procedures may be implemented to prevent such incidents from happening again.




Reviewed On:January 2018


Next Review due: January 2021


Reviewed By:Mrs Sarita Kashyap, Practice Manager